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ContagionSean Clarke / David Bridges
00:00 / 05:48

This composition uses sound to convey the dynamics of diffusion, or contagion. The sonic exploration covers several stages of diffusion, i.e., the experiential states before, during and after the contagion has spread through an environment, using contrasting auditory tones to express an established norm, the dynamism of states bought on during contagion, and ultimately the resolution resulting in permanent changes to the environment.

The composition moves through 4 separate states of contagion:

Status A: an established norm
Status B: an encroaching Contagion
Status C: first signs of recovery
Status D: a synthesis of the preceding compositions and permanent resolution

The piece was composed by creating a visualised model of the spread of a contagion using data from covid19 R0 rate of transmission. The model was then sonified collaboratively with David Bridges, PhD.

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