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RE/ME - 5-5 HzSean Clarke
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RE/ME is an immersive, interactive, experiential installation and research project funded by DART (formerly DART17) and Artshare. RE/ME is an experimental technology that uses vibration and sound stimuli to change bodily self-perception. Running over the course of August 2018, Sean Clarke, Dr. Agi Haines, Dr. Diego Maranan and Dr. Frank Loesche invited people to join us at the Swissnex building on Pier 17, Embarcadero, San Francisco to experience RE/ME. RE/ME: was an 8 foot purpose built pod, akin to that of an isolation tank..


On the bed of the pod, we installed a series of small motors that ran the entire surface area of the bed, these motors would output patterns of vibrations. Along with this, we installed speakers that would play monaural tones. The experience: Users arrive and would be asked various questions about their bodily self perception. They would then draw themselves and be asked to perform a series of movements. After completing these initial tasks, they would lay down and be enclosed into the pod. Whilst laying there they would feel a series of vibrations and hear a composition of tones. The sound would also help to create the conditions of a “sonic cocoon”, helping to immerse and isolate the user.

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