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Graphene - Full ArrangementSean Clarke
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As part of a Design Museum, London residency (2019-2020), designer Marta Giralt began an exploration into the relatively new material: Graphene. The initial proposition was to “record Graphene”. The final outcome was a 15 minute sound piece composed using sonification techniques developed with David Bridges, PhD.


The sample of Graphene was imaged using a S.E.M (Scanning Electron Microscope - images shown below) at the nature lab at Rhode Island School of Design, USA. The images were then sonified by analysing the luminosity values across that visual data and then arranged using sensibilities from Electroacoustic composition and music for film. The work was exhibited at the Design Museum, London (UK) as part of the “Cosmic” residency from January - April 2020.

20200125__High Res_DM designers in resid
20200125__High Res_DM designers in resid
graphite sheet sample stub.jpg
20200125__High Res_DM designers in resid
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